Brad Durbin - Efficiency Expert
I am both an entrepreneur and a software database expert who is obsessed with efficiency. I use my expertise and passion for databases to construct automated methods to handle problems, remove human error, and increase revenue for both small and large companies. This involves from taking small excel projects and manual processes to building a streamlined one or two click program using Microsoft Access.

By working in the financial industry for over 15 years, I have had multiple opportunities to master moving data between old or antiquated bank systems, creating custom software, and data migration. I enjoy making tools for business users and sales professionals that make their daily work life easier and more automated.

These experiences have helped me build some amazing products, so if you need advice, or assistance on any database, data related , or general software question, reach out to me and let me help solve your business problems. My contact information is below. Feel free to share my information with anyone who might need my help.

It's best to reach me using the email or phone icons.
Company Information
Ubersimple is a software company that makes software tools for event organizers and sales professionals.

Some of our products are:

A self-serve touch screen kiosk for events to make registration, check in, name tag printing, and attendance tracking fully automated. It has been called "The World's Fastest Check in System", but you can see the video for yourself and decide.

An online listing for oganizations and associations to have member profiles listed, search engine accesible, and designed for sending refferrals easily. Each member gets an interactive profile with video, socail contact info, product & marketing documents, and more. See a sample directory under 'pack'.

A DBC is a Digital Business Card that allows you to compile your contact inormation, professional picture, video introduction, biography, social contact inforamtion, and company information. �DBC is the only Digital Business Card that allows you to share yourself plus a team of other people and mobile apps to anyone. With our DBC, you are never without your business card, and it's always availble to share.

Whether networking, attending an event, or sending a referral, Ubersimple has the perfect tool for you. All our products are designed to be kinda fun, really simple, and super fast!
DBC Information updated Feb 18, 2015
Ubersimple has great products for Networking and Events, especially organizers.

Look through Pack and Video to see examples of what we do.

Make sure to reach out to us for any questions or custom solutions you might need.